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Thursday, Sept. 28th

Join us to learn about how to do deals in today's changing market, including the process used to secure a deal that you could find from your couch!

Saturday, Sept. 30th

If your goal is to live off mostly passive income generated by owning investment properties, and you plan to own that property in the Kentuckiana area, don't miss this hands-on workshop.

Tuesday, Oct. 3rd

Join us on a house tour and mini-rehabbing workshop. Investors Alisha Higgs and Dennis Erhard are hosting with a rehabbed buy-and-hold house in Valley Station.

Saturday, Sept. 30th

Dive into a day of fun, relaxation, and camaraderie with your favorite crew by the water's edge.

Thursday, Oct. 5th

Share appetizers with like-minded peers, fostering connections that will accelerate your investment journey.

Wednesday, Oct. 11th

Can't make it in person on Sept. 30th? We're doing an online encore event that anyone can attend.


Our tight knit, deal-making Mastermind is by invitation-only so that we can focus on getting our members the best results.

Member Portal

Your success is our success, which is why we have a dedicated Member Portal with lessons, resources, and chat support, to help you every step of the way.

Exclusive Deals

As a mastermind member, you'll have access to Squad Exclusive Deals, helping you build your portfolio faster with guided expert support.

Squad Team

We'll get you immediately plugged into our Preferred Team Member Network to assist you on your journey to building your financial freedom.


You don't need a guru, you need a Squad

Founded by Alisha Higgs, Dennis Erhard, and Paige Battcher, we decided to build a Mentorship for people who are ready to be plugged into an immediate team and community.

We were tired of seeing out-of-town gurus sell expensive educational programs that didn't directly reflect the market here locally.

And we didn't like seeing the gurus that spent time distracting you with flashy deals that only the most experienced investors could access.

This why our Squad Members become colleagues and friends for life. A rising tide, lifts all boats. In other words, when you succeed, we all succeed.

It's time to squad up!

Build your cash flow & net worth without wasting time.

If you want results like our members are getting, you need to get off the fence and dive it. Real Estate Investing isn't a sport to play alone.

  • Credibility in the marketplace

  • Hands-on training & resources

  • Accountability and mentorship

  • Community to grow with as you grow

  • Exclusive Squad deals and much more!

Why this matters

What do all successful investors have in common?

Answer = Mentorship & Mastermind Community

  • Harness the power of mentorship & a mastermind community to build a profitable real estate rental portfolio in less time than it takes to binge-watch Game of Thrones.

  • Get access to a preferred Squad Team of lenders, attorneys, and more. It's all about who you know! Let's get you connected.

  • Exclusive hands-on events, deals, training, cheatsheets, deal analyzers, digital systems, and so much more.

TESTIMONIALS From the closing table!

Not just learning, but actively doing deals!

"You've got a community of people, and that's the real value."

- Nick

"There is a lot to learn in this business and they help you understand it all. I've met good friends that will help and cheer me along the way"

- Amanda

"The Squad has given me the confidence that I need to keep moving forward."

- Derek

Don't hold yourself back...

We're here to help you pay off those student loans, grow your passive income, and create a lifestyle of financial freedom. Let's go!

100% free of charge to get started.

No obligation to join.

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